The Best New Tech from the Consumer Electronics Show 2017

An annual expo for tech manufacturers large and small, the Consumer Electronics Show turned 50 years old this year. Continuing its long tradition of showcasing the best new gadgets and upgrades coming to the market, this year’s show also offered a slew of cool new must-have products. Taking a tour through the many news stories and reviews of the show reveals the best new tech to have for the coming year.

Computers keep getting better

Laptop and desktop computers are always being advanced with new and better technology and add-ons. This year is of course no exception, with slimmer models and better resolution screens coming available at better prices. There are a few standouts, though. The HP EliteBook is the perfect laptop for business with a slim profile, tablet mode, and 4K display options. It also has HP’s Sure View option, a quick way to toggle your screen for privacy without having to add a film or other cover to your screen.

HP also has one of the best desktop computers available – the HP Sprout Pro. The computer projects a full resolution digital mat onto your desktop, giving users the smooth control of drawing right onto paper to make digital images. Better yet, the newest model also does 3D scanning, creating easy 3d models of objects rotated in front of the camera. Artists in need of the best digital studio can go straight to the Surface Studio. With its stylus and new dial peripheral, the superior touchscreen can be used to make amazing digital art and animation.

Lots of robots

Ever since The Jetsons, people have wanted personal robots to help make home life a little easier. Several companies are hoping to fill that niche with nifty little devices that can connect to smart home devices to create a central control unit for the home. Devices like Kuri and the LG Hub can be integrated into home life like Amazon’s Echo, but mobile. By linking them to your smart fridge and Amazon’s Alexa, your home robot can see that you’re low on milk and order more for delivery with a simple voice command.

Robots for kids was another big trend at the show, with Lego and Disney offering some great new robotics toys for boys and girls. Lego Mindstorms is a children’s robotics kit that can teach kids to build and program all types of robots. For girls that like electronics, Disney announced a new Belle doll that connects to an iOS or Android app so that kids can learn to program by making the doll dance and sing in their own created patterns.

Sights and sounds

CES is famous for showing off the best new TVs that homeowners can buy. The highlight this year were OLED displays. LG, Samsung, and Sony all brought new models to show off using these hyper thin displays. OLED technology allows manufacturers to make displays in credibly thin, looking more like a window onto a new world than a wall mounted screen than any previous TVs. Soundbar technology also continues to advance, making home theatres both compact and easy to install in any home.

Great Gaming Gear

Augmented reality and virtual reality were the biggest gaming hits. More and more smartphones are enabled for mounting into VR headsets to open up immersive gaming experiences. Game studios are designing with this in mind, making more content for gamers to play with. Combined with the major consoles like the PS4 or Xbox One these headsets can give gamers a very lifelike experience.

CES will continue, maybe for another 50 years, and is always worth watching for the best new tech products to come.

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The best way to Use the Best Cell Phone Tracker to Generate a Workplace Productivity Strategy?

The productivity of workers in a little business plays an essential part in the gem of the organization, and it is just why companies are seeking methods to track the efficiency of their employees, for example through the utilization of the best cell phone tracker. Distinct kinds tracking applications are used not only to carefully track the operation of every staff member, but in addition to help develop a strategy for optimizing the team’s productivity.

Should you be to implement time tracking in the office, here’s the thing you should do:

#1 – Identify individual jobs.

You first should know what person jobs constitute the monthly, weekly, and day-to-day workload of every one of your workers. It’s possible for you to base this on their job descriptions, or you also could also talk to your workers. This manner, you will better understand their job designs, and you will know what you could expect from them.

#2 – Choose a system for monitoring worker performance based on the task list.

There are several tracking techniques you’ll be able to use. A paper timesheet, for example, could be utilized to signal when a job is started and completed. Time tracking software, meanwhile, enables workers to signal time for every job online. You may covertly spy on cell phone of your workers as well so that you can understand what they do online or on their mobile phones during office hours.

#3 – Decide exactly what you would like or expect each employee to accomplish.

These expectations might contain the minimal quantity of time spent on work-related tasks daily, or it might also be the minimal quantity of merchandise made in a specified period of time. Ensure that you establish realistic expectations just, and make sure you let your workers know about such expectations so that you’ll all be on the exact same page.

#4 – Develop a productivity strategy.

You need to develop a productivity strategy by first establishing straightforward targets. This may enable your underperforming workers to generate the results that you just would like. Additionally, allow them some time to reach those targets because there are individuals who work slower than many others. What you can do in order to keep them motivated is to have them sign individual contracts seeing how they need to raise their productivity.

#5 – Offer incentives.

It is just right that you simply reward your employees for reaching their aims. It’s possible for you to invite them for a bbq party every now and then, or you may give away coupons too. Even the most straightforward or least expensive benefits would mean a lot to them because it demonstrates they’re valued.


Using phone spyware to spy any cell phone in the workplace does not mean you do not trust your workers. It merely means that you’re seriously interested in enhancing your workers’ functionality and productivity for the accomplishment of your company targets.

4 Issues with Social Networking On the Job That a Phone Spy App Can Address

The concept of using remote cell phone spy did not look realistic in the past, but now, it’s considered a requirement in the workplace and even in homes. The most important reason behind this is the extraordinary increase of technology and social media platforms.

The large period of time individuals usually spend online, especially on using social networking programs, is among the main reasons many business leaders aren’t willing to let their workers use social media sites like MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, and even LinkedIn.

Are Social Networking Sites Poor at Work?

Social media isn’t an issue for organizations because in fact, there are edges to it also. It really is the individuals using social media sites that cause difficulties. Below are the common difficulties brought on by reckless utilization of the latest social networking in the workplace:


If all the 50 workers in an organization, for instance, spend at least half an hour a day using social networking on the job, this could mean about 6,500 hours of productivity is lost in a year. Obviously, it is a tremendous loss for companies who pay their workers for the whole time they’re at work.

Business Resources

Upgrades from specific websites like LinkedIn and Facebook do not actually take up tremendous amounts of bandwidth. Nevertheless, there are lots of video links that may be posted on these sorts of websites, and these are the ones that IT administrators are worried about. Internet browsing isn’t without any price, especially when it calls for elevated amounts of bandwidth.

Malware and Other Viruses

This really is one risk that lots of organizations often miss. Cyber criminals and hackers pay lots of focus to social media sites since they’re super easy to assault, and they’ve millions of users. Businesses are worried regarding the susceptibility of their systems to viruses, so they frequently decide to be quite severe in enabling workers to get the computer on the job.

Identity and Information Larceny

Tens of thousands of individuals are becoming victims of online scams that often lead to identity or information theft. Users will probably give out personal details along with their employment details. Due to this, the firm faces the threat of data theft. The good thing about using Highster Mobile phone spy app, for example, is that business leaders become conscious of all info their workers are posting online.

What Do Businesses Need To Do?

Companies are currently confronting a predicament of whether social networking ought to be permitted in the office or not. Since there are lots of edges also in enabling social networking on the job, companies had better learn how to spy on cell phone using Highster Mobile phone spy. In this way, the business and its own workers can reap the advantages of the latest social networking in organizations.

The Entire Truth about Mobile Spying Programs

As it pertains to using cell phone spying programs, among the very frequent questions by interested users is whether or not such applications will work on their apparatus. Lots of folks also get confused over some firms’ claims they are providing remote install spyware.

Cell Phone Sort

You can just install a cell spy app on a smartphone. The goal phone must have an internet connection as well as a web browser. What this means is the fact that the smartphone must be connected to an internet using a web browser for the setup of the spyware to be finished.

Before you buy a mobile phone spy software, ensure it is compatible with the target device. Highster Mobile and other applications suppliers offer different downloads for distinct smartphone type and operating systems – iOS, iPhones, Android, Blackberry, Symbian, etc. See that you fit the form of the goal phone and its OS to the phone spy app.

iPads and Tablet Computers

There are now several phone spy software suppliers that support other cellular devices aside from smartphones. What we are referring to here are tablet computers and iPads. Exactly like with smartphones, these devices should get an internet connection, as well as their operating system must be harmonious with all the demands of the spy app.

Jailbreaking and Rooting

For those who have been doing some research about phone spy programs, it is possible that you’ve read posts about the requirement of jailbreaking an iPhone and rooting an Android phone. Well, all these are really part of installing your phone spy software.

Jailbreaking is for devices that run on iOS. It is essential to jailbreak an iPhone first before a cell spy can be set up on it. On the other hand, Android apparatus must be rooted first so you may install a cell spy app on them.

Physical Access to the Target Mobile

If you’re considering using cell spy app, among the situations you have to comprehend is that it is impossible to install such applications remotely. Transferring files through Bluetooth will definitely not function in this case. You’re required to get physical access to the goal phone before you can carry on together with the setup. Therefore, in the event that you encounter phone spying programs that promise to be remotely installed, beware because it really is a scam.

Selecting the Right Cell Spy Program

There are numerous mobile phone spying programs in the marketplace now, therefore it may be difficult to pick one that can match your requirements. The best thing to do is read a couple of phone spy reviews in order to choose which merchandise is trustworthy and which ones are a scam. Check out Highster Mobile to learn more about its characteristics and specifications.

Alcohol Abuse Among Teenagers And How A Mobile Phone Spy Can Help

Why track a mobile phone? Many parents might be turned off at the thought, believing that spying is beneath them. I consider my kid, a parent might tell himself. If my daughter finds out I am spying, she will never trust me again. Nevertheless, there are scores of reasons someone might need to spy on a mobile phone, as well as the number one among parents is security issues.

On-Line security is an extremely modern predicament, but what about the old and incredibly real anxieties of booze and substance misuse? Those stresses continue to be about. They are tied to on-line security ( for instance, hazing photographs and substance-fueled images are being posted to social networking websites), but at its heart, any respectable parent does not need his or her kid abusing substances or booze.

Just how will you help your child in the event that you suspect alcohol addiction? Alcohol abuse is more difficult to find. After all, there is no white powder across the nose, no track marks on the arms. And much of the behaviour is tied to a parent’s customs, something many parents will not confess to. A beverage here or there isn’t changing my kid, you might believe. I do not binge drink, I am not a drug addict. But perhaps the empty bottle putting round the home are a sign to your kid (who might have a genetic addictive behaviour) that if Mom has a few drinks, so can I.

Village Behavioral Health reports the following:

“Booze is the most often used drug by teens in America. About half of junior high and high school students drink alcohol on a monthly basis; 14% report they’ve been intoxicated at least one time in the last year. This implies that in 2009 at least 10.4 million individuals between the ages of 12 and 20 drank more than a “few nips” of an alcoholic beverage. By age 15, at least half of teens report having had at least one drink; by 18, that number rises to 70%. Nearly 8% of teenagers who drink say they binge drink, or drink five or more alcoholic drinks in a row. Usually, it is accepted that dependence to drugs or booze isn’t caused by one variable; instead it’s a complicated interaction of genetic, environmental, and physical risk factors working collectively to create dependency.”

Need to prevent an alcohol addiction? Being proactive rather than reactive can help, as well as a modern spot to begin is with a mobile phone spy like Auto Forward.

This cell phone spy app enables a parent to view all action on a goal phone, including pictures, videos, and social networking action. How can this help? We are a society that overshares on-line, and particularly among teenagers. It’s possible for you to remain an educated parent by recognizing this behaviour in your kid, and then taking the appropriate things to do to face the issue head first. A lot of individuals need to find out the best way to read someone’s text messages without having the phone or the best way to track remotely.

By installing this useful program, a parent can see the contents of her kid’s phone instantly. Is she posting her celebration videos on YouTube where she is slurring her address? Are her red eyes a cry for assistance and intervention? You will begin trying to find a free trial mobile phone spy, but you will soon learn the complimentary programs do not offer the same powerful features (such as social media penetration) or live customer service that Auto Forward does. Let Auto Forward help you track a mobile phone now to be a better parent, and perhaps prevent an addiction to booze.

mSpy Review and Flexispy Review: Significant Criteria for Selecting Cell Phone Spy

If you are unsure why you have to go over some mSpy reviews first before you buy such phone spy software, well it is because you need to get the very best for your cash. If you have eventually understood the necessity to utilize a software for monitoring another cell phone, you may as well consider your choices extensively so that you can get quality service.

A quick search online will give you numerous products along with reviews, but nonetheless, you are unsure which ones are for real, and which ones are simply looking to reap you away. Additionally, having numerous alternatives can just make you more confused, and this is actually the precise reason you have to smarter when assessing your alternatives.

What’s Your Reason for Tracking a Mobile Phone?

Should you haven’t used any cell phone spy monitoring applications before, it is likely that you do not understand just what this type of applications can do. Before you begin trying to find a merchandise, it is significant that you’ve got a particular reason for doing such type of monitoring.

Would you like to understand the way your kid is using their phone? Would you like to ensure that your workers aren’t wasting their time browsing the Internet using their mobile devices? Would you like to ensure that your partner is not cheating on you? Once you are clear about your goals, you can begin comparing different brands of cell phone monitoring applications.

Listed below are the standards you may utilize to compare phone spyware products:


When trying to find dependable mobile phone spy software, among the very first things to try to find is great reporting and logging abilities. You would like your phone spy to record all cell phone tasks, like internet browsing, text messaging, pictures, and videos. GPS tracking characteristic is an important bonus feature you ought to look for as well. Any Flexispy review will let you know how important this attribute is.


A great cell phone monitoring program is one that encrypts all the information that comes to your online account from the target cell phone. There are definite programs which will notify you in the event the SIM card in the target phone is being obtained or changed. How soon you can get the notifications and reports is, in addition, an important factor you need to think about.


With a mobile phone spy application could be really catchy, particularly when you’re not too knowledgeable about this particular type of applications. So, it is essential that you simply select a service provider that can allow it to be simple that you find help and support. Upon reading a mSpy review or some reviews of other phone spyware goods, you’ll understand the value of technical support when using this type of applications.

Ensuring Social-Media Protection with Cell Phone Spy Software

cell phone spyWith a social media network showing up every single other time, it’s becoming increasingly challenging to record who our children are interacting with. On a single level, the level of inter connectivity can be a blessing. We are able to keep up with classmates, coworkers, and friends. About the other hand, Facebook allows 1.44 Million people usage of our kids alone. It’s a sad reality of life that some of those individuals imply them hurt. Luckily, you’ll find those that set out to protect those same kids. Above all, are the parents? Like a guardian, there’s nothing more valuable compared to protection of the kid. But is your youngster protected by you from over a thousand persons? The solution that is easy would be to merely observe your child’s Facebook to ensure they aren’t associating with anyone who could bring them harm. Of course, to help you go through it asking your child for their phone might promote thoughts of bitterness and breach of solitude. You can clearly also proceed through it however you’ve Section of Safety level security and accounts and lock displays to obtain through. The best way to read up on how to protect your loved one’s cell phones is on Mobile Spy World. They have the best information!

This leaves an ideal option of a application that is monitoring to you. Currently many monitoring computer programs are just a cell phone spy, allowing perchance, and you to examine text logs recover deleted messages. Highster Mobile around the other hand, is much higher than a spy. Highster Mobile permits you to check not merely your child’s texts, but in addition their social media records. Highster Mobile additionally allows you to access these social media reports, although Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat Tinder, yet others let unknown people entry to your child. With this specific entry you are able to examine your child’s relationships with not just their buddies but with strangers who might wish them hurt. It seems like each day we are told by the headlines of another youngster taken advantage of by somebody appearing as a friend or young person that is other online. Before it extends to the period to any potentially harmful exercise, it is possible to put an end Highster Mobile, with the best mobile phone spy. Highster Mobile becomes the wall between your children and those that might imply them harm, and gives you-all the equipment you should guard that wall.

With may keep course not just of texting, and social media marketing but additionally contact Skype files, logs, as well as Browser Record. Just like the MSW Review Page states, spy that is Highster Mobile can be a complete cell phone spy software for defending your youngster from predators online that may wish injury, the. With it, you can observe anything you may totally guarantee that they’re being safe using the information they elect to share and your youngster does online.

Don’t have a kid, but feel just like you’re dealing with kids if you talk at the office while about social media practices and your texting? Highster Mobile can help texting habits and you monitor your social networking that is employee’s just like Mobile Spy World’s article on the subject says. Including wherever they record into often they log-in, what they like and share. Basically EVERYTHING!

Howto Pick the Best Mobile Monitoring Software

monitoring softwareQuestioning how to notice your child’s or employees’ cell phone steps? Now’s absolutely the full time to purchase some lightweight phone spy software that’s great. Finding with the plenty of options you’ve got, although one won’t be not that simple taking into consideration the many products available online, you have to be conscious enough to make sure you’ll obtain the one.

Your Survey On SurePoint Spy Software
I’ve acquired a few lightweight phone monitoring products, not only of researching them for the survival, but being that they are utilized by me for individual reasons. I have a teenager child who employs sufficient time-on her cell phone, and thus I privately notice her steps which are mobile in order to make certain she’s secure. The most recent mobile phone spyware I used is SurePoint Spy monitoring software, which I ought to state that it’s all the excellent advantages I’d like.

Though you’ll find a lot of software businesses that provide cellular phone spying you shouldn’t get confused with how all of them purpose. Since these make use of the same methods of spying on mobile phones it’s. They alter when it comes to pricing, nevertheless the characteristics are practically exactly the same.

Basically, you have to get the goal phone to able to set the applying within it up. When itis installed it’s going to begin gathering understanding from your own objective phone. These documents is consequently sent to the host which was company’s, and you’ll entry or watch during your consideration which was individualized online. It’s similarly in your handle area when you are ready as it pertains as to the info you wish to get to change your designs.

Are Cell Phones Appropriate?
One essential thought when investing in a phone spyware to create is its compatibility round the objective phone. The kinds available, like SurePoint Spy, protect almost all crucial types of phones and methods. Simple Legal helps Blackberry Android Mobile while others.  you will be fascinated with the undeniable fact that they often times increase their listing of appropriate mobile phones upon analyzing a few of SurePoint Spy expert reviews. Get sucked in that before you release any spyware application in it iPhones have to be jailbroken.

SurePoint Spy is actually an excellent option as it pertains to cell phone monitoring application. It offers excellent spying capabilities that’ll allow you to get the necessary information all in the phone you’re targeting.

Safe Phone Checking with Cell Phone Spy Applications

cell phone spyTechnology has opened a method for predators upon innocent kids to victim. It’s not no further dangerous allowing kids to attend the mall and sometimes even search social-media without oversight, given exactly how many possibilities you will find for less than dependable persons to return with them into contact. What they may view as an innocent online discussion via Twitter or Facebook really has potential to not become safe. Thanks to Highster Mobile’s cell phone spy, parents are actually in a position to observe their child’s interactions to ensure safety. You could be imagining, “how does a mobile phone spy actually work?” they are able to effectively and independently control who their child interacts with without their child realizing and feeling like their privacy has been occupied unfairly.

Programs such as SnapChat have changed just how today’s childhood talks. While using this software, the user is not unable to deliver a picture information that “disappears” after an allotted period of time. However, this phony sense of security has developed the perspective that something they choose via this messaging request and it will basically disappear with no approach to recover it can be sent by children. It’s helped for screenshots of photos and detrimental actions to be placed for the net. It has likewise created the delivering and circulation of sexually explicit material relatively simple. The giving and obtaining specific photographs of minors is recognized as child pornography and is a offense. The applications can be carefully monitored by parents by using acell phone spy, records, and images taken on the goal device and possibly make copies. If the person erase an image, it’s still retrievable via the Highster Mobile cell phone spy application just it seemed and was seen about the target unit, since.

Cellular phones have built it easy for children to endeavor further away than what was formerly authorized, given that they can be now contacted by parents on the go. Unfortunately, this really is taken advantage of more moments than anybody cares to admit. Highster Mobile has efficiently cut a way to be certain of one’s child’s place all the time back, making it one-of the best cell phone spy software programs available. It permits realtime GPS checking that’s appropriate within 50-feet of the target unit. In the event you think your youngster is than wherever they’ve mentioned someplace other, one need merely examine their GPS for confirmation. This product also permits the goal device camera to become activated to look at their child’s environments. Pictures can also be consumed together with the target camera for saving uses.

The world wide web retailers a browsing background everytime it is applied, however it is all-too easy for a technologically prepared person to erase explained record to cover any actions they wish to keep hidden up. Highster Mobile makes it easy for parents to see their child’s web browsing background to check their coverage. The net if utilized wrongly, unsafe place, and is really a huge. Everything is available in the touch of a button, whether that is porn or medicines. No parent needs the youngster to become subjected to direct this cell phone application allows that is spyware, and content at any age parents to regulate what kind of material is watchable about the target unit.

How Many Apps Exist for the iPhone?

iPhoneHave you ever wondered how many apps exist for a cell phone? It may seem silly to try and answer this question but there are hundreds and maybe thousands of apps to consider for certain devices.  This means you can pretty much find an app that suits your interests.  It can be interesting to learn about different apps and how they work.  Researchers say there are over one million apps created for devices running on iOS (operating system for iPhone and other Apple products).  Some apps are known to take up a lot of space on a cell phone, but if you understand different options you may be able to better utilize storage space you have on your device. Here is some information to know about cell phone apps.

Common Paid Apps
There is a wide selection of paid apps people download and use regularly such as Hide N Seek, Cut the Rope 2, Survival craft, and Minecraft (pocket edition) to name a few.  The App Store may list the most common apps first to help others know their most popular.  These types of apps give an idea of other options you can find when you do more research.  Some may argue free apps are used more often or are more popular than paid apps. This could be true, but keep in mind some paid apps offer more options that free options.

Common Free Apps
There is a wide variety of common free apps many are familiar with such as Facebook, Candy Crush, Skype, YouTube, and Chrome web browser to name a few.  The free apps are common since they are connected to a number of products and services people are familiar with.  You may also have apps already downloaded on your iPhone when you purchase it.  Yet, few of these options people rarely use or they decide to uninstall so they can make room for other apps.

Using Your Device to Find Apps
You may have an App Store app on your phone you can use to gain access to apps.  You could also use your internet browser to learn about potential apps; you will then be directed to the App Store where you can download the content compatible with your device.  When you use your device it is easier to review options made for your phone.  You can review the store and check options based on genre. You can compare options based on features, price, and feedback from other users.

Conducting an Internet Search
You can use your computer or go on the internet to learn more about potential apps.  There are various types of websites that mention they have an app you can download such as news, entertainment, weather, and more.  Aside from learning about apps to download you may find forums, blogs, or online groups offering tips and advice on how to get apps to work properly.  Keep in mind some apps are only compatible with certain devices.