The Best New Tech from the Consumer Electronics Show 2017

An annual expo for tech manufacturers large and small, the Consumer Electronics Show turned 50 years old this year. Continuing its long tradition of showcasing the best new gadgets and upgrades coming to the market, this year’s show also offered a slew of cool new must-have products. Taking a tour through the many news stories and reviews of the show reveals the best new tech to have for the coming year.

Computers keep getting better

Laptop and desktop computers are always being advanced with new and better technology and add-ons. This year is of course no exception, with slimmer models and better resolution screens coming available at better prices. There are a few standouts, though. The HP EliteBook is the perfect laptop for business with a slim profile, tablet mode, and 4K display options. It also has HP’s Sure View option, a quick way to toggle your screen for privacy without having to add a film or other cover to your screen.

HP also has one of the best desktop computers available – the HP Sprout Pro. The computer projects a full resolution digital mat onto your desktop, giving users the smooth control of drawing right onto paper to make digital images. Better yet, the newest model also does 3D scanning, creating easy 3d models of objects rotated in front of the camera. Artists in need of the best digital studio can go straight to the Surface Studio. With its stylus and new dial peripheral, the superior touchscreen can be used to make amazing digital art and animation.

Lots of robots

Ever since The Jetsons, people have wanted personal robots to help make home life a little easier. Several companies are hoping to fill that niche with nifty little devices that can connect to smart home devices to create a central control unit for the home. Devices like Kuri and the LG Hub can be integrated into home life like Amazon’s Echo, but mobile. By linking them to your smart fridge and Amazon’s Alexa, your home robot can see that you’re low on milk and order more for delivery with a simple voice command.

Robots for kids was another big trend at the show, with Lego and Disney offering some great new robotics toys for boys and girls. Lego Mindstorms is a children’s robotics kit that can teach kids to build and program all types of robots. For girls that like electronics, Disney announced a new Belle doll that connects to an iOS or Android app so that kids can learn to program by making the doll dance and sing in their own created patterns.

Sights and sounds

CES is famous for showing off the best new TVs that homeowners can buy. The highlight this year were OLED displays. LG, Samsung, and Sony all brought new models to show off using these hyper thin displays. OLED technology allows manufacturers to make displays in credibly thin, looking more like a window onto a new world than a wall mounted screen than any previous TVs. Soundbar technology also continues to advance, making home theatres both compact and easy to install in any home.

Great Gaming Gear

Augmented reality and virtual reality were the biggest gaming hits. More and more smartphones are enabled for mounting into VR headsets to open up immersive gaming experiences. Game studios are designing with this in mind, making more content for gamers to play with. Combined with the major consoles like the PS4 or Xbox One these headsets can give gamers a very lifelike experience.

CES will continue, maybe for another 50 years, and is always worth watching for the best new tech products to come.

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